Playing Grand Theft Auto V is fun. But playing it with modifications is even more fun. The GTA creative community has modified the game to allow players to look like Marvels favorite characters, as well as fly through the streets of Los Santos with a grappling hook. Not to mention the countless visual mods that add realism to textures and make the game photorealistic. And there are mods that will turn the familiar Los Santos into a cyberpunk city, or gta 5 superhero mods that will allow your character to become a real hero! With such a wide spread, it’s difficult to understand where to start, so we created a list of the most prominent representatives among GTA 5 mods. These modifications will change the perception of the open world of the game and give new emotions. Enjoy it! Speaking about the GTA 5 modifications, one cannot fail to mention the huge number of coders who tirelessly work on the game world to turn Los Santos into a work of art. There are hundreds of mods to improve the graphics, but NaturalVision Remastered has been recently released and is in the top of visual mods.

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